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About ACR

Mission & Goals

Our mission is to promote AI education, facilitate research, and drive the integration of AI into the education sector. We aim to create a platform for collaboration and exchange between academia, industry, and government agencies.


Learn about the management team leading the association forward.

Mr. Huang Jia


Specific Functions and Roles

Learn about the specific functions and roles of ACR in fostering AI education, supporting research initiatives, and advocating for policy development.

Global Perspective and Influence

Explore how ACR contributes to the global AI education landscape and establishes partnerships to drive innovation and knowledge sharing.

Partners and Projects

Discover our collaborative projects with local universities, research institutions, and industry partners to advance AI education and drive impactful initiatives.

Specific functions and roles

ACR’s specific functions and roles include promoting basic and advanced coding, robotics and AI skills; providing structured frameworks for skills development; promoting problem-solving skills and computational thinking; organizing seminars, workshops, training courses, conferences, exhibitions and competitions; supporting research and development projects in collaboration with local universities and research institutions; serving as a platform for professionals to exchange knowledge and experience; and working with educational and government institutions to develop policies and strategies that support the integration of coding, robotics and AI into various industries.

Partners and projects

ACR is actively seeking to expand its network and partnerships within the industry, through ongoing negotiations and meetings with potential collaborators, in order to develop projects and foster meaningful cooperation for partners and our members.

Global perspective and influence

ACR has a global perspective and seeks to promote international cooperation and exchange in the fields of coding, robotics, and AI education. The organization works to advance the adoption and development of these technologies worldwide by collaborating with education and research institutions, industry professionals, and government agencies. ACR also supports the development of policies and strategies that encourage the integration of these technologies into various sectors. Through conferences, exhibitions, and other activities, ACR strives to showcase the latest developments in coding, robotics, and AI education and provide networking opportunities for professionals in the field.

Mr. Huang Jia

Huang Jia is a senior researcher in artificial intelligence at the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research(A*STAR) .

His main research directions are the development and application of large NLP models, continuous learning, AI in FinTech, and AI in Spectrometry Data. He has written many best-selling books such as “Zero-Basic Machine Learning” and “Ten Chapters of Data Analysis”, and has been deeply involved in the field of data science for many years. He has accumulated rich practical experience in scientific research projects and AI projects in the fields of government, banking, energy, and medical care.