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Coding / Robotics Certification

Gain recognition for your skills and achievements in coding and robotics through our youth certification programs.

Learner's test

Grading System & Certifications

The Association of Coding and Robotics offers a comprehensive grading system for robotics, scratch and python. Our grading system is designed to help learners progress through the different levels of robotics, scratch and python learning and to recognise their achievements.

The ACR Grading System of Coding (Scratch and Python) is based on a series of standardized tests that test learners’ knowledge and skills. For example, each level of python focuses on different aspects, from basic programming concepts to advanced algorithms and data structures.

The ACR Grading System of Robotics are on-site hands-on projects, testing the learners’ construction skills, robot programming and robot movements etc.

Our test scores determines the learner’s level of proficiency. Once a learner has passed the test for a particular level, they will be awarded a certificate recognising their achievement.


Below is a simple structure of the Scratch grading system:

  • Backdrop
  • Scratch Introduction
  • Sprite
  • Sound
  • Sequential Structure & Flowchart
  • Computer Science Basic Background
  • Logic Reasoning
  • Logic Reasoning And Math
  • Sprites and Backdrops
  • Decision Structures and Flowcharts
  • Sound
  • Programming Operations
  • Extension Pen
  • Sensing
  • Decision Structures and Flowcharts
  • Make A Block (Function)
  • Logic Reasoning And Math
  • Broadcast
  • Variables
  • Advanced Pen
  • Introduction of Strings & Lists
  • Clone


Below is a simple structure of the Phyton grading system:

  • Python and its development environments Python
  • Basic Python Program Foundation
  • Mathematical Operators
  • Computing Algorithm
  • Turtle Basics
  • Flow Control
  • List
  • Dictionary
  • Tuple
  • String
  • Computational Thinking
  • Algorithm
  • Hexadecimal
  • Data Processing
  • Exception Handling
  • Built-in Functions
  • Computational Thinking


Below is a simple structure of the Robotics grading system:

  • Guided Robot construction (incl. attachment)
  • Guided Flowchart charting instructions
  • Basic sequential coding and robot movement
  • Partial guided Attachment construction
  • Problem solving (Faulty attachment)
  • Partial guided Flowchart charting (for coding)
  • Usage of If-Else conditional loops and Repeat Loops with variations
  • Unguided Attachment construction
  • Unguided Flowchart charting
  • Usage of variables, broadcasting, Repeat loops, If-Else conditions, etc.